Was it worth it?

Every cloud…….


100% yes. Because of the NHS and incredible surgeons I now have a below population level risk chance of developing breast cancer. I have a much better chance of watching my children grow up, a chance my mum unfortunately did not get. I will not have to have mammograms when I am older as there is no need. The ticking time bombs have gone. I have two breasts that nobody would ever know have been through such a journey, a journey that has saved my life and I will be eternally grateful for. They may have a few scars but they are scars that show determination and courage. I feel lucky to have been armed with knowledge I have and to have been able to act on it. I feel empowered that I made a life changing choice that in no way diminishes my femininity and confidence.

I feel life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take control of.


The NHS have been brilliant throughout the whole process. Each health care professional I have met has guided me through the journey with compassion and empathy.

I would like to take this chance to thank all my friends, family and boyfriend who have supported my through this journey and keeping my spirits high. A special thanks has to go to the Sprostons, without these people I don’t know how I would have coped. From washing me to lifting me out of bed nothing was ever too much, and of course a shoulder to cry on.

Breast and ovarian cancers take lives everyday- knowledge and action can help the premature loss of those who love us, and those we love in return.

I hope this blog has helped other women decide what to do in this situation, or have already made their decision and are looking for guidance. I would like to raise awareness of the BRCA gene and the implications it has upon certain cancers. Women who think they may have a gene mutation because of a strong family history should go to their doctor to take control of their future

If anybody has any comments or questions please feel free to ask me and I will happily help you as best I can.

Charley xx


15 thoughts on “Was it worth it?

  1. What an amazing, inspiring story to read Charley. I have so much respect for you, your bravery and your outlook. Your mum would be so proud of you…you are a true credit to her…she did an amazing job xx


  2. So young, so strong, so beautiful inside and out – you’re an inspiration to us all Charley. God Bless You Sweetheart xxx


  3. Hi Charley,
    I have my first hospital appointment on Thursday for investigation into whether I have the gene as my mum died of breast cancer when I was 18, I am now 27. Coming across this tonight has really helped me and given me an insight into the experience, thank you so much. You are incredibly strong and brave and I hope that if I have to go through the same I can cope as well as you. I would love to talk to you some more if possible.


  4. Hi Charley you are a true inspiration to all. Brave, honest and thoughtful. I am so pleased my hospital is looking after you so well. I am sure your mum is there for you and will be incredibly proud of you, like your family and friends. Take care. You are a very special young lady. X


  5. Hi Charley haven’t managed to read your whole blog yet but I have read bits and I think you are a truly brave lady 💗 I am really interested to know how easy it was for you to get tested and how you went about doing it I have been battling for several years to get tested as my mum died of breast cancer when I was 22 I am now 29 and have had meetings with St Mary’s hospital Manchester and they always tell me the same ‘ I don’t score high enough to be tested as only 1 member in my immediate family has had that cancer and there has to be 2 to get tested’ I explain to them there is only me and my now 11 year old sister who was 5 when my mum died but they don’t want to know I am desperate to be tested as I now a mum my self and could not image leaving my little boy without a mum at 5 years old as I have seen how hard it has been on my little sister. Would really love to hear from you to help me understand what I can do to to help myself get tested. Thankyou in advance for reading this. Ps think you are doing an amazing thing you should be very proud 👍🏼👍🏼 xxx


  6. Wow….inspiring! It’s all a no brainer thought isn’t it? My own journey began before I lost my own mum to ovarian cancer 2 years ago this very month. I too have the brca1 gene and underwent full hysterectomy in Jan of this year. Scheduled for bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction next year. Reading your blog has made me cry and also smile. We aren’t brave…..we are preserving ourselves for our loved ones. Our mums would have jumped at the chance we have. Bless you I hope you make a speedy recovery and your hysterectomy is soon for you xxxx


  7. Inspiring young woman, I wish you every good luck, health and happiness in your recovery. I hope you have a long and very happy life with the children you so obviously desire xx


  8. Charley, have you had any revisions to the breasts? I met with a doctor who refuses to perform a DTI as he says they can get rock hard due to scaring. Another doctor loves to do DTIs. I’m curious now that you’ve had time for things to settle. Thank you!


  9. Thanks for writing and sharing your blog! I am at the first stages of my BRCA1 journey but will be having the same surgery as you followed by ovaries in about 18 months. This was so helpful-thank you! Hope you have now recovered well 😀


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