Looking forward

It’s not over yet

My journey does not stop here. Not only DID I have an 85% risk of getting breast cancer, but with the BRCA gene I also have a 65% risk of getting ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is what my mum died of and therefore my ultimate fear.

Obviously it would be crazy to have a total hysterectomy at my age of 26. I want to have children and enjoy life a bit before I face more major surgery.

There is no screening plan currently for ovarian cancer or understanding whether screening would be effective.

It is advised women have a total hysterectomy if they want to reduce their risk usually late 30’s. Angelina Jolie had hers age 39, and Michelle Heaton age 35. I haven’t really thought about what age I would consider but I know I will not hang about.

I will be having IVF when it comes to having children. A new technique called PDG – pre implantation genetic diagnosis is now available. During this process embryos are tested for the “dangerous gene – aka BRCA” and those without the mutation are selected for implantation. Obviously this isn’t the most romantic way to have a child, but if this means I can successfully have a child who doesn’t carry this mutation I will do anything.

The next stage isn’t just major surgery it has consequences- the menopause!! I would obviously go through the menopause in my 30’s which I imagine will be hard going. If it is anything like this operation I will hopefully have a fantastic network around me and hopefully a few mini me’s too!! Xoxo


12 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. Truly inspiring. What a brave person you are. I have had many family members die from various different cancers and think that your bravery is such a great example and comfort for others. Keep up the positivity! X


  2. To charley, thank you so much for sharing your life’s experiences so far. It is truly a privilege to have met such an inspirational girl. Luv Trish x


  3. I no history or understanding of what you must have had to go through and for this I feel lucky and humbled. Words are so easily said but your story is truly inspiring. I’ve both laughed and cried at your pictures and stories. To see you with your family and friends not only beautiful but empowering, it has made me think about my own mortality and how I night cope if faced with difficult decisions in life. You ARE an amazing woman and I feel proud to have read your story and know I am more knowledgeable than I was before thanks to you. Finally I just want to wish you all the good health and happiness a person like you deserves. Good luck in facing whatever life sends your way xxx


  4. To charley, you don’t know me my name is Faye & I’m 38 years old. I’ve just found out recently that I have the BRCA 1 gene. I’ve inherited from dads side of the family. I have had breast cancer when I was 31, I had a lumpectomy and I had to have chemotherapy & radiotherapy. When I went to see the consultant at the hospital I straight away said remove the hole bloody lot (sorry for swearing)! After going through what I did, I certainly don’t want it happening again. So I’m due to see the breast care team this Monday. I am a little nervous I’m not going to lie. It’s much more about how I will feel afterwards, the pain, the discomfort, not being able to do much. I know it won’t last forever & im doing this for me, I’m in control not cancer! It’s just a worry, I have to keep telling myself I will get through it, I’ve been through far worse.

    I do have to say though, I’m really glad that I came across you blog tonight, as its really helped me. You have made me feel, not as anxious. You’ve really helped me.

    Love Faye x


  5. Charley, You’re a star! I feel that you’re a bit nervous about the hysterectomy in your future. I had one in my late thirties and I can tell you that it was absolutely fine. By day 3 I was free of all drips, and drains and able to walk down to the hospital hairdresser for a lovely shampoo and set. ( I did SO agree with what you had to say about the first one.) From what I have read in your blog, the worst is over. Soldier on, love, You’re doing the right thing. I wish you all the luck in the world.


  6. Just wondering as I have had the same sort of op back in April, I have never spoken to someone who has gone through this. Would be good to have someone to talk to


  7. Hi
    I too have the BRAC 2 ,both my sisters died of Ovarian cancer and I had an elective hysterectomy aged 45 to prevent me from getting it but unfortunately when my ovaries were removed I already had Ovarian cancer, later they found the BRAC 2 gene ,put me on yearly mammogram programme at the Genesis centre, but after my first mammogram they found breast cancer, so had double mastectomy. So well done for making such brave decisions. Keep strong


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