Fat Grafting surgery

Fat grafting means fat tissue is removed from other parts of the body. This is usually thighs or tummy by liposuction. This is then processed into “the good stuff” which is injected into the breast area. This is done to fix minor imperfections/  differences in shape. Its quite common post surgery to develop ridges/ripples/dents.



I have had a few dents in the top of my boobs for a while, but held off for fat grafting as didn’t want to go through another operation and take more time off work. However I thought I would give it a whirl  after seeking my surgeons reassurance. To other people they probably seem like nothing, but when its your body and your in your 20s it is quite big thing.

Heres two photos where you can see the dents, I have been so lucky with my reconstruction so I was slightly worried to risk another operation as there is a chance of infection, losing implants etc. My surgeon is always very re assuring so I decided to go for it.



Fat grafting is done as a day case, the operation is only about an hour long. My surgeon came and marked the areas of fat he was going to use before I went down.

Unfortunately they do not go mental and remove all your flabby bits, that would of been the dream!



After the op I woke up shaking in recovery in some kind of bizarre heated sleeping bag! I think it was due to being completely starkers during the op, also waking up with no knickers on (mortifying.) Can never look at my surgeon again.

I was back in my room in no time, put on my compression wear, had a bite to eat and off I trotted.

Obviously having rods shoved under your skin and stirring up all the fat you are going to get some bruising, heres some photos of my bruising. Im taking arnica to try and reduce it. So avoid this procedure if your going on holiday/a wedding a short time after!

As you can see from the photo, the dents have significantly improved, but sometimes the body re absorbs the fat, and your back to square one. Im aware some people have had fat grafting 3/4 times because of this. This is not something I would consider doing again if this were to happen to me.

Compression! (pain in the arse)

You are advised to wear compression pants for 4 weeks post op on the fat grafting sites. This helps to control swelling: the compression on your tissues helps your body to reabsorb the fluid that accumulates in the tissues after the procedure. This can take quite some time to happen without help from the compression garments. They can also help the contour of the skin.

These bottoms were from primark and cost £5.00 which is a bargain. The anti DVT stockings are to be worn for 2 weeks.

Although the pain from the bruising isn’t horrendous, it is when you are trying to scrape tight as hell pants up your legs and bum after going to the loo!

The bra I have on in the second photo is called a Reco Bra. This bra is seamless, front fastening and has built in compression zones. It is so comfy and easy to wear at all times.


As I am only a few days op I cant upload any photos yet of the final results. I hope this helps anyone who is considering or afraid of having fat grafting. In comparison to the first op it is a walk in the park 🙂