10 weeks on….

I’m feeling great. My boobs look and feel good. They aren’t perfect and never will be but that wasn’t the aim  …. They are always really cold too which is weird. I used to enjoy feeling my warm boobs when It was cold outside , now it’s like feeling two snow balls, of a less saggy nature. I wouldn’t change them for the world though, even if I am part pig now! 

I’m still raising awareness which is working really well. 
I’ve put on 10 pounds since my op and blame all my friends for bringing round so much chocolate, which I obviously had to eat out of politeness. 

I feel vile and need to join a gym to get rid of the weight but  don’t know if I can do things in the gym yet. That’s a blatent lie, I just can’t be arsed. 


Here’s a few bits and bobs I’ve been up to…. 

This bin the bra campaign is great. People give in their old bras which are sent to third world countries and money is raised towards breast cancer research


This is see saw in hale displaying my drain dollies which are proving super useful for lots of ladies undergoing mastectomys 

Becky want from BBC radio manchester . I did a live interview which was quite scary but I managed to keep it together 


This itv piece is brilliant and the research spoken about is so promising for future generations. I’m so proud my mum was the front picture with me as a baby. 


I continue to get feedback like this on my blog which literally has me in tears. To think I’m helping and giving other women the confidence to act is so heart warming. 

I email so many women a day answering there questions and worries. My emails are littered with boob images- an outsider would think I was a right perv. I’m not a doctor but people have so many questions before going into the unknown,  it’s really helpful to speak to somebody who’s been through it. I had my sister to speak to which was useful even though we had very different operations we still both had double mastectomys, and it appears both like to sport the off the shoulder look too


I got a message from a girl a few days ago. It broke my heart how petrified she was but just speaking to somebody who has been through it put her at ease…

“I been so depressed because I’m trying to accept the fact how my body looks like with the scars and everything else

And with scars do they go away and was it hard to find bras as well,im so sorry for messaging you all these questions but this is my first experience going through it and with talking to doctors it’s not the same because when you actually talk with someone who with through it they understand you more”



This asos article is really fun and I think a lot of young girls will be able to relate to

I was also contacted by the editor of Cosmo in New York which was quite crazy 

I am also now writing for huffington post which is cool


I have been told referrals in manchester have doubled since I put my story out there. I bet admin hate me. 

 There is no way I can bring my mum back , but hopefully raising awareness can prevent other people from losing their mums too 🙏🏼


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