A message from heaven

So my story was published on the daily mail online, the point being to raise awareness of genetic mutations and also to make other people feel at ease in the same situation…..

Daily mail

From some of the comments it is clear a lot of people have no clue about the BRCA1/2 mutations, and feel the need to comment some bizarre stuff…..

http://www.cancer.gov “inherited mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 increase the risk of female breast and ovarian cancers”



As you can see theres a lot of people out there who don’t have a clue, and a lot of nasty people too. Its quite clear this article is trying to raise awareness not “get my picture in the paper.” As it happens “Michael” I don’t think I look particularly attractive in those pictures carrying round bags of blood,which of course was a completely needless exercise wasn’t it? Also “Michael” I think your a knob.

God forbid some of these peoples loved ones get cancer and they feed them organic food, tell them not to get any fillings and oh of course, stop wearing that bra for such long periods of time! Because these are the things that cause breast cancer, right? Im sure if they were personally put in a similar situation they would be putting their lives in the experts hands and having things such as risk reducing surgery or regular screening.

I hope any women reading that article for guidance were not put off by the idiotic, pathetic uneducated people above.

Thankfully despite the above there were tons of lovely comments both on the daily mail, through Facebook, emails and my blog. Heres a selection….



As you can see the blog has helped a lot of women and I’m so glad. Awareness of genetic mutations making people more likely to get cancer is so important…I live without a mum which makes me even more passionate to make other women aware that this whole process CAN be done, meaning other children won’t grow up without a mum either. Lots of women put it off and then its too late and they already have the cancer. Other women don’t even want to get tested and would rather not know, which is obviously personal choice…..Im just trying to make those who have thought about the preventative surgery see it in real life and not be scared.

If my mum & grandma were more aware at the time and had the preventative surgeries (mastectomy & hysterectomy) they could still be here now, instead all I have is a memory box…..

It appears I have taken on her love of wine!

My grandma and I down in Poole one summer. I have no idea what my hair is doing.

My mum when she was on holiday, shame I didn’t inherit this gene!

My memory box

I have the dairy the year my mum was diagnosed. She was still working as a pharmacist and attending all her appointments. It appears she was getting Paul to decorate the bloody house too! One thing that got me was that she wrote a note in her dairy reminding her to take a book in for one of the nurses at Christies, she was always thinking of others even though trying to battle terminal cancer and run the family home. She took me down to London to watch the Lion King obviously trying to protect me from all the devastation surrounding everyone back at home.    

This was the last birthday card I received from my Mum.

Lastly a poem my sister wrote and read out at the funeral.

 A Message from heaven.

I know my time was short, I left sooner than I planned,

but il always be here with you, please try to understand.

Theres so many things for you to learn,ways for you to grow.

Remember me, be happy, miss me but let me go.

Dont cry because I’m gone, don’t be full of sorrow

smile because I loved and lived,look ahead onto tomorrow,

I live in the sparkle in your eyes, I live in what you do

Wherever you go in life my girls, il always be guiding you

My strength is now within you, I sent it from above,

I also sent my wisdom with my unconditional love,

so when your hearts are heavy, filled with the tears you cry,

Remember I’m apart of you, which means I did not die.

A breeze blowing gently across your face, a snowflake upon your skin,

these things you take for granted and never look within

Its time to stop and and wonder if theres anything you missed

that gentle breeze across your face, it was your mothers kiss.

By Vanessa Wood


5 thoughts on “A message from heaven

  1. Hi Charley,

    Well said from you, there will always be ‘uneducated comments’ made so good for you being able to express that she reads / researches before making stupid comments.

    Hope you are doing OK now.

    Take care.


  2. So many uneducated, idiotic replies on there! Hope your well & keep up the good blog, thoroughly believe you are doing wonders for a lot of women out there

    Scott W


  3. Hi Charley
    You don’t have to justify yourself to these people. I was initially furious when I read their comments but after reflecting I actually feel sorry for them because they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about or what people like yourself are going through both emotionally and physically. I have continued to follow your blog and I think you are amazing and as I said previously you are an inspiration to others who find themselves in the same situation. I think that sharing your experiences and showing pictures of you at a wedding (I love your shoes) and on holiday, shows that it isn’t all doom and gloom and you can still look amazing such a short time after the surgery. Well done, your family and friends must be so proud of you. X


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