8 weeks post op- bra shopping!!!! 

I thought now was the right time to go and look for bras. Although I have been told I can’t wear underwiring for 6 months I wanted to have a look anyway.

First stop- Victoria’s Secret!!!! 

I found lots of gorgeous bras in here, some styles just didn’t suit the implants. As foobs don’t give you as much of a cleavage because they don’t really move much, certain bras just don’t look great. 

I ended up with this collection !

The bra in the bottom of the photo is Rosie range by Mns. It a cute bra and has no wires so I can wear it now!


I also got a few sensible non wired bras. 

After a whole afternoon of yanking Bras on and off they were really sore! 

My friends mum made me a gorgeous quilt , it’s so thoughtful 

This is the lady who helped me Come up with the drain dollies design and showed me how it’s done!very talented sewer. 

I went out for dinner with my friends in the evening 

I wore my new lace bralet which was comfy but when I took it off every line of lace had indented into my boobs!! They looked like a train had ran over them in every direction! I guess that is because of the implant and it being so soft?! 

After wearing sports bras for 2 months I don’t think I will ever be happy in a bra again, they are just too comfy !! 



4 thoughts on “8 weeks post op- bra shopping!!!! 

  1. Hi Charley, hope you are well. I know exactly what you mean when you said the indentation of the lace showed on your foobs. I had been wearing some soft, stretchy front fastening bras after my PBM DTI and the seams left ugly dents in my skin!
    Have recently discovered some really comfy ones in Asda, of all places! the name is ‘Soft and Comfy’ and they certainly live up to that.
    They are like a stretchy soft material,with pads inside. Don’t know about you, but having a little padding seems to make me feel more secure. I feel a little vulnerable without it, also stops the seatbelt rubbing on the skin which seems to be sensitive still.
    There were several other soft and comfy styles, some strapless too, but unfortunately they didn’t do these in my size at the store I visited. Might be worth a look for anybody looking for something comfy.
    Take care, and good luck with your drain dollies xx
    Julie Darby


  2. The lace on your new bra will soften when it’s been washed a few times Sweetie and your quilt looks fabulous – how lovely to have your own personalised snuggle quilt.
    You’re looking much brighter as the weeks pass and you have such a great attitude to what has happened to you- you’re a true inspiration to us all Charley xxx


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