As you know genesis is the UKs only charity dedicated to breast cancer prevention + prediction

Now if we are hoping to eradicate breast cancer by a certain year, surely research into prevention is the most important thing.

Their research is split into 4 parts

Gene research 

Early detection and screening 

Preventative drugs

Diet and lifestyle 

Genesis invited me to their research event on Thursday evening which was put on for those who help fund the charity to understand what they do. It was so interesting and I’m so glad I went. 

Gordon burns presented the whole thing and interviewed various key doctors and professors involved in the research being carried out. 

Gordon burns is a great journalist and was on the news everyday was at school  


Genesis vision is to prevent breast cancer for future generations. If research wasn’t carried out into gene research, I may not of been able to have a preventative double mastectomy to reduce my chance of breast cancer, and I could have it right now and not even produce any future generations…

Lester Barr gave an overview of the evening he is the founder and chairman of genesis. 

Gareth Evans – Gareth is the genetic lead researcher. He discussed genes which give you high risk of breast cancer such as me, brca1 and 2. He is involved in a particularly interesting study at the moment called the RnA study looking closer into BRCA 1/2 genes in a different section. If there is a missed mutation in the gene the technique at the moment for testing may not pick this up, this research delves further into the genes looking into the rna as opposed to dna. Hopefully helping those patients who fall into this category

I’m hoping to see Gareth soon in the family history clinic. I would like to ask him more about BRCA1 and my ovarian risks. I’ve been told there’s no screening, so really if I got ovarian cancer I wouldn’t no until it was there, like my mum. 
Dr Michelle harvie discussed the importance of diet and exercise in the prevention of breast cancer. She wrote the famous book the 2 day diet. The aim of this was to make dieting easier with it being mainly focused on 2 days. Her area is particularly important as nobody relates eating well to not getting breast cancer? They relate it to not having a heart attack. 

Cliona Kirwan. Cliona is a breast surgeon but also researcher. She is looking into breast cancers link to blood clotting. She looks at certain anti coagulants and their impact on breast cancer. Obviously anticoagulants have side effects but if that particular property of the drug could be identified that helps with breast cancer, maybe this could be a big break through.  She’s a very busy lady! 

Dr Tony maxwell. Tony discussed a new screening technique which may  become the norm for women. Tomosynthesis allows the breast tissue to be seen in three dimensions as opposed to two. 

Professor Tony howell. Tony talked about drugs preventing breast cancer. He discussed tamoxifen (Discovered in manchester!!) which reduced your breast cancer by 40% but also mentioned another drug which could reduce it by 60%. The issue surrounding the latter drug has not been passed in parliament and is due to be discussed again on the 6th november. Let’s hope the off patent drugs bill goes through. 

It must be very frustrating for scientists  to know this drug exists and could help so many but due to certain barriers it cannot be used yet. 
I found all this info very interesting and promising for the future. All the doctors were so passionate about what they do and I really don’t know how they fit it all in! 


If it wasn’t for dedicated people like this I may not even be identified as high risk and could still have my breasts and more than likely get breast cancer.

I am glad I chose this charity to support with my drain dollies and look forward to keeping up to date with all their research 



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