Post holiday blues…

so I went to Spain 5 weeks post op, I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea but went with it anyway haha. I got permission off my surgeon I would never go against medical advice. 

I had such a nice relaxing time, I would recommend anyone going through something similar a few days away. It was so nice to have a break from everything and for once not have to worry about hospital appointments or taking pills. 
The weather wasnt too hot which probably was a blessing really. I found I was very tired in the evenings and couldn’t stay up as late as my pals. 

One particular swimming costume welcomed the new foobs to the world!!  

These are my new boobs after my risk reducing double mastectomy. I am so proud of them. Nobody looking at this would even know, only if you could see them properly would you. The stitches are still very pronounced and they do feel alien to me when I prod them. Sleeping on my front is still a no no and if it happens in my sleep they will let me know! 

Last week I ate ice creams galore, sat on the beach, read a book just like a normal person! I didn’t have to strip of for a team of medics to stare at my boobs for the first time in months! 

Best of all I wore a backless dress!!!!! This is something I have alwaysssssssss wanted to do 😁😁😁😁

Looking back over the past 6 weeks I am still so happy with my choice. I continue to give other people advice and talk through their journeys with them. 

My new boobs have character and tell a story, a story that is very positive and should be made aware to other girls in my position. Everybody should be able to take control of their own life. Xx


4 thoughts on “Post holiday blues…

  1. So happy to read your blog re your recent trip! Well done to you again.
    Back to from the States now. If you feel ‘comfortable’ pls send me a private email so that somehow I can send you the Bouquet? If you don’t feel comfortable to, then I could call your nearest Florist to ask them to have them ready for you or a friend to collect? Discuss with a friend & let me know the best way pls. Obviously we won’t exchange No.’s here.
    Take care.
    Rest well.


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