Celebrating the new foobs

This weekend has been fairly relaxing, bar a few too many glasses of wine last night. My boyfriend and I went for a mooch around the trafford centre for clothes, I didn’t have much luck. I should never go shopping without fake tan on because everything looks vile when I look like an albino. Anyway, last night we went out for a lovely meal.

I definitely had too many glasses of wine last night. I wouldn’t reccomend it as I feel ten times worse today, I will never learn!

I’m moving home today out of what I call “the Sproston hotel.” These are one of my best friends parents who have cared for me whilst I have been recovering. The most amazing and selfless people ever. I am actually going to have to do my own washing this week, dreading it!!!

At the end of last week I did a few interviews for journalists that got in touch. Im really pleased that I’m helping to raise awareness. The amount of people who have been in touch with queries has been unbelievable!

Of course last night we toasted to the new FOOBS….

I still haven’t been to get measured yet because there may still be some swelling. But I will get it done this week, I’m really happy with the implant size I think they suit my body shape well. I cannot wait to go to Spain and be able to not wear a bra!!!

My boyfriend has gone clay pigeon shooting this morning but when he gets back I imagine we will be having a lazy sofa day. For me nothing beats just chilling in your pajamas watching a good film on a Sunday. This of course gets interrupted when arsenal are playing, annoying !

I’m going to a wedding over bank holiday, I’m really looking forward to seeing all my friends and getting dressed up. I have forgotten what getting dressed up feels like! I love the atmosphere at weddings it’s so special. I definitely won’t be having too much to drink, I found out last night it’s not a good idea in my situation. I still have the odd nap in the afternoon, I must get out of that habit!!!

With talking about the brca1 gene a lot with people recently I feel so relieved to of had the op. I do worry very much though about my ovaries. As that is the devestation I have experienced that’s so close to home. The fact there is no screening for it or symptoms terrifies me. I certainly will be having them straight out when I feel like I have finished my family. It is far too scary to risk in my opinion. I am hoping medicine will advance over the years and a screening program will be put in place. My mums oncologist gave me a ring last week, he is a professor at Christies and specialises in ovarian cancer. I think it will be a great help to go and have a chat with him to understand things properly…..


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