“I will never see you come back to me with breast cancer” 

I have seen Mr Murphy this morning, he’s really pleased with the result and how everything has gone, so  am I! 

He answered all my questions I had. A lot of the problems I’m having he has put down to neurological settling. He said the main nerve comes through the breast and that has been removed and so all the nerves are finding their way back. 

The stitches I can feel under the skin he said will gradually go. He said the pig skin will grow and become a part of me. 

He said more and more young women are having this op as opposed to surveillance as reconstructive technique improves. This is brilliant and will really bring down the breast cancer rates in brca1/2 gene carriers. It is the journey of the surgery that is such an unknown for patients when they are given the option. I think that’s why being so open in my experience has helped other women who have come across my blog in their decision making process. 

He said I can put all this behind me now, it’s all over and I have done really well. He said to not worry about my ovaries and to have some babies and then think about having them out! 

He said I am allowed to go to Spain next week, I must put factor 50 on my scars though even through the swimwear. 

One very comforting thing he said was that he will never see me back here with breast cancer, he took every bit of breast tissue away he could possibly see when in theatre. I got goosebumps and nearly cried! It is such a fabulous thing to be able to have done. It is so sad sitting in the waiting room surrounded by young women affected by breast cancer with their worried partners along side.  

I  am so lucky to of been given such a fantastic surgeon. Not only is he highly skilled he is such a lovely man with a good sense of humour. You see so many consultants these days who are unapproachable but I really could ask him anything. I will be seeing him again in 6 months

It has been a long and hard journey but the end result and peace of mind has been well worth it. I will still be in discomfort for some time and not back to my usual self but this is nothing at all in comparison to the alternative. 



3 thoughts on ““I will never see you come back to me with breast cancer” 

  1. Mr Murphy sounds a wonderful Consultant and thank God for people like him – his kind can make such a difference to so many. Great news for you Charley and you have done so well under very difficult circumstances. You’re a real Star and I’m sure sharing your experiences will have helped many too. Now go and enjoy your trip to Spain you deserve some R & R xx


  2. So so proud of you Charley! So happy that everything is clear!!! You just made me cry!! Have an amazing time in Spain! And make sure you make up for all those glasses of prosecco you might have missed! 🙂 you really are an inspiration xoxo.


  3. You are such an inspiration. My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. Luckily it’s not heriditary but my sister and I have become more aware and I’ve had two lumps which were luckily cysts.

    My mum still has strange pains where her lump was removed, she describes it as like pins and needles and growing pains.


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