So many more fashion possibilities and so much less worry 🙏🏼

3 weeks on from my double mastectomy …
I can wash my own hair yes!

I can open a child proof medicine bottle- push and twist, no!

I can wake up in the morning with boobs that look they have been crafted by a child with play dough until they take shape, yes!

It is quite common I get up in the morning with the lovely sequin detail of the duvet imprinted on my boob like bloody brialle!!

Within a few minutes my play dough boobs decide to take their nice normal shape again.

Random stings underneath my boobs are twinging now and again which do sometimes give me a bit of a shock.

Underneath my skin you can feel the row of stitches connecting the pig skin pieces which I’m guessing will dissolve over time.

The scars have healed so well I can’t believe it. It’s unbelievable how much goes on during the surgery and they are able to sew you up with such precision.

The wound below my boob is where the drain went into my side.

I’m still not sleeping great but it is improving, I’m slowly managing to wriggle onto my side.

SNEEZING- never have I wanted this to happen less. Oh my lord that first sneeze absolutely killed but after that they weren’t so bad, I think I’ve managed to get away with two!
3 weeks of sleepless nights have given me a lot of time to reflect on my decision. I have never once had a moment where I have regretted what I have done. Although my 26 year old boobs have been replaced with sterile sacks of fluid, they are safe. My boobs no longer scream out threatening chants to me daily which play round and round in your head like an ongoing nightmare, they just sit there very still, pert and  unassuming.  It is scary the amount of people today getting breast cancer. It is a scary thought for your everyday person -not just those genetically susceptible. It is strange to look back and think that while I was a toddler with no cares in the world I carried this life threatening gene.

At 26 off my own back because I have lived with the devestation of cancer I took control of my own life. I gained the knowledge and acted on it and it is that knowledge that is so important for young girls to find out. I made a choice, Charleys choice!

I still feel that the chance I was given by the NHS was a gift and I am so grateful. There is no info out there in the public eye about such genes, unless you go hunting for it.

I always used to moan my old boobs looked rubbish in clothes! With my new ones I can even wear backless dresses without the need for a bra! 😄

I have so many new fashion possibilities and so much less to worry about! 🙅

I was told and I have definitely realised your body will guide you. As time goes on I have started to feel better and more up to doing things. Don’t get me wrong there’s still the odd day where I want to lie on the sofa and watch Netflix , but I have been doing other bits and bobs which has been nice.

I hurt myself yesterday in the fabric shop carrying a roll of fabric. I didn’t want the woman to think I was a lazy cow not carrying the rolls to the till! After an outburst of obscenities I had to tell her I had just had an op so couldn’t carry the rolls!!

The support around me is never ending and I still would not of been able to get through this without everybody around me.

Losing my mum was a defining part of my life and I think my strength I built through that experience has helped me this time. I have felt her spirit she had when she was battling within me when I have found times difficult. She fought long and hard against cancer in my teenage years and never gave up hope. I am now blessed that I will never have to battle breast cancer and can put that huge worry to one side, I just wish it was something she could of done before it was too late .🙏🏼

I’m hoping this blog will encourage people to delve into their family history if there are any patterns that could be BRCA related. This is a scenario where a lot of people assume it just won’t affect them, but the 85% statistic suggests otherwise….



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