Monday, physio, first bath- life of a rockstar!! 

This morning I am showering and getting ready to go off to the hospital for a check up and physio.

My boobs have healed great and my range of movement is quite good. 

It’s a lovely day so I will probably go for a walk this morning.

  My physio appointment went really well and I met a nice lady from genesis which is the charity within the knightingale at the hospital .
Il be back there on Thursday to see Mr murphy. The physio said the pain I’m getting in the implant when bending is probably neurological. 

The Physio said I am not yet ready to go back to work. She said I have lost a lot of muscle mass in the past 3 weeks and it will take a while to build all this back up. I have been given a few new exercises which are a bit more testing to try and strengthen up. 

She said something which has stuck in my head ” we can only do this op once.” Rushing back to work and trying to do too much is only going to undo all this hard work.

The pig skin (strattice) that is supporting my implants has been sutured deep into my pectoral muscle and this can’t be strained too much.

She also said it is only Mr murphy and a guy in the states doing this full strattice coverage op. So the rehab and recovery for people like me is fairly new, which is why it’s important to be so cautious in what you do. 

My first bath!!! Amazing. I used some gorgeous Jo Malone bath oil a friend bought me and soaked in the bath for half an hour. It was divine. 



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