Today I got up about 10am, had a nice sleep with the usual barrier down the middle of the bed!! 

My boyfriend and I went to ikea for some drawers it was quite tiring walking round.  

After this we went for a nice drink in hale in the sun.

I have done a bit of sewing this afternoon to my boyfriends disgust as he tried to nap! 

I then joined him for a snooze  

Im starting to feel less crap from all the tablets I’m on which is good. Im taking less and less painkillers as the days go by. What I have to be wary of all the opiates clogging me up and then ending up with lots of abdominal pain. 

A group curry is occuring this eve which is nice although I’m not that hungry, my appetite is not up to much which is very rare for me! 

I have just done my exercises and can really feel it pulling underneath where I was cut. But I don’t feel like I’ve lost any movement which is good. 


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