Exciting day!!

Today has been very exciting as I have known I was going to be on the TV! 

Yesterday BBC news came round to interview me over my blog and story. 

The piece was shown on North west tonight and I’m really glad I did it. The response has been amazing!! 

The journalist And camera man that came round were lovely and made me feel really comfortable! I was very nervous!! 

I’m still not feeling great today I’m so warm and can’t cool down!!! I’m hoping over the next few days I start to feel better. 




7 thoughts on “Exciting day!!

  1. I am currently off work due to having a mastectomy and reconstruction exactly 2 weeks ago today and saw your article on the news this afternoon. I think you are a breath of fresh air, as your blog is so open and honest and I think you are so brave to share all of your pictures and experiences. Your description of everything from washing to having your drains have made me laugh as I have experienced exactly the same. This is helped me because I now realise what I am experiencing is normal. You are such an inspiration and I wish you all the best for the future. Regards Jayne Taylor


  2. Unfortunately my mastectomy was because I had actually developed cancer and will need further treatment, so I will probably be off for a few months yet. However the good news is that it hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes so the treatment I will receive is more of a preventative measure. X


  3. Charly Katie Stout shared your blog which is inspirational.Katie’s Mum Moira was my bridesmaid hence the connection.
    And you have the thankless task of seeing to my feet as a chiropdist!
    It will be great to see you fighting fit again soon.So many women are sharing your very brave journey.You have amazing friends and a fabulous outlook!
    Take care
    Cecilia x


  4. Charly you have the thankless task of being my chiropodist!Please hurry up and come back to sort out my quite frankly manky feet.
    Your friend is Katie Stout and her Mum Moura was my bridesmaid back in the day!Small world.
    Your blog is an inspiration to all women.You have fabulous friends and a very positive attitude.Take it steady!
    Cecilia x


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