Day 17- Ups & Downs

I didn’t do a blog yesterday because I didn’t get up to an awful lot, other than eating myself into a sunday roast coma.

When it came to the evening I started to feel a bit under the weather. I was roasting hot, but it was a warm day. I looked at my breast and it appeared to have a red blotch on. I rung the hospital first thing and they told me to come in right away. Anything relating to infection is taken very seriously post op.

 Off I went to the hospital and I was called in by the nurse, in came Mr Murphy smiling away. The red blotch is still there, Mr Murphy said everything was looking ok however he does not like to take risks so a course of anti-biotics was prescribed.

I also had a few other questions, on my left breast you can feel almost a wire under the skin. Mr Murphy informed me this was the stitches connecting the pig skin together. Another thing I’m experiencing is a cramping pain in my right breast when i bend down. It feels almost like the implant is doing backflips inside me, no one could provide an explanation for this. Im seeing Mr Murphy next week for further follow up and also for more physio. Things are definitely going in the right direction but It has been a lot harder than I first imagined. I can’t believe I am still this shattered over 2 weeks on. The fact I am not sleeping well at all will play a big part, I really struggle sleeping on my back.

I’m going to a BBQ this evening which I’m really looking forward to. 

One of my best pals is going back to the Middle East (chief leg shaver and hair dresser) 


6 thoughts on “Day 17- Ups & Downs

  1. Ohh poor you!! It’s hard to function properly when you don’t get the right quality of sleep but it sounds like Mr Murphy is looking after you really well Sweetie and I’m sure under his guidance your body will start to repair itself but could take some time after such major surgery. You’re an inspiration to us all Charley – God Bless You Beautiful Girl xxxx


  2. Being a man, I can not even come close to imagining what you have gone through making the decision you have and the discomfort the surgery has caused you.
    I hope this blog helps other women make the correct decision to fight this terrible disease.
    I wish you a long and healthy life and hope the discomfort you are feeling goes away over the next few days.


  3. What an inspirarion you are. Well done you for going through with it and I’ve just seen your story on the news, which is weird because my best friend is in as I write getting the same done. Her mum died when she was 12 and nana about 10 years ago and also her auntie has one breast removed 2 years ago due to breast cancer. My friend Clare Rigby (Red) I call her is an amazing woman and is 35. I’m waiting to hear from her boyfriend now as she been in op since 2pm. I’m going to tell her about you and will up date you on her recovery. You are both amazing ladies and good luck with your recovery. Emma xxxxx


  4. You are truly an inspiration and amazing role model to all women who have been diagnosed with BRCA1 and BRCA 2. I work within research at the Nightingale centre and am constantly amazed by our ladies courage and strength, your positive attitude just blows me away. Keep on smiling beautiful xx


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