Day 14. Lovely weather ! 

I woke up today after quite a good sleep. The morning is always the worst pain but today wasn’t bad at all. I started the day with a FaceTime with a friend in London

Little visitors are the best!

This gorgeous girlie turned up today with this wonderful piece of art! It obviously had to go up on the wall ! 


Because it’s a lovely day she wanted to go into the garden. 

The plants were watered very well! 


The fish were fed and everybody was happy, it was now time for ice lollies. 

As I’ve been having trouble sleeping a friend popped over with some fresh lavender to put under my pillow! 💐


One of my oldest school friends I have known since I was 4 popped over today! Sausage rolls from hills in hand and a selection of sweets. Ideal! 


I’ve been chatting to my friend who has breast implants. Mine feel so weird so she’s said I can grope her later to see what they are like. 


I’ve just had a well needed 2 hour nap I am so tired! My boyfriend is on his way from down south I have erected the barrier in bed and chinese menu at the ready! 


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