Day 13 – unlucky for some but not me! 

So today was my first drain free day, it was amazing! Yes, the pain Level has changed from the discomfort of the drains to a soreness of my boobs and a huge sense of vulnerability. When I poke the implants it feels like fresh air and that with the touch of a pin the whole thing would deflate! This will take some getting used to. One major difference is when I lie down watching television i can’t see the bloody TV!! My pert boobs are no longer under the armpit and are now standing to attention as if to say ” you couldn’t get rid of me that easily !”

The S word. SHOWER


Well what can I say, today I got in the shower alone, with no help! For the first time in 2 weeks I didn’t have my pals gorping at my arse in the shower or telling me to stand up straight! All helping me of course and ensuring I was improving each day, it felt quite lonely actually!! 

This was hands down the best shower of my life, I could put my entire body under the powerful water and relax. It’s common sense to not have the flow directly onto your chest and to refrain from using shower gels etc on the chest. After a good wash and washing my hair I got out.

I tactfully timed this shower with the time my friend finished her lunch at piccolinos down the road. HELLO chief hair stylist, winning !

After I got out the shower I tried on some gorgeous PJs my friend bought me, I love them, this ensemble prompted the leg shaving a few days ago. Under no circumstances was I to model my new PJs with hairy legs ?!?? 


Surrounded by my friends all afternoon was the usual . One friend is a physio and decided to put me through my paces, she was so impressed with my range of movement. 

She said it is so common for women’s shoulders to shrug and and cease up, this leads to tightening of the pectoral muscles  of the chest which you really don’t want . 

One of my best friends is pregnant  and she is the first, we are all awaiting that first kick we can feel . That little one can be sure to be so proud of my friend for caring for me so well during this time, even if baby is kicking her in the bladder every half hour.

 We all laughed today about people reading my blog, they must think all my friends are all lazy and unemployed ! This is far from the truth, our bond is so strong that when there is a crisis all the girls try to take a few days off to travel to the area and support one another. I have been so lucky it has been wonderful. I haven’t had a single worry or concern that somebody hasn’t resolved within seconds for me. 
I received a lovely photo today of my friends nan reading my blog whilst on a break from the ironing,  I was so touched. 

This evening we all went for a meal at 7.30 to celebrate my friends mum and dad who I am living withs wedding anniversary and the celebration of my drains being out!! 

I had the most amazing evening with them all. 

We ended up sat near my friends brother who had taken a girl on a first date, that was awkward. 

This is Di and ian my absolute saviours who I have been staying with since the op. It was their 32nd wedding anniversary so a joint celebration , I personally don’t know how she has done it!! 

I am in bed now snuggled up whilst the girls have stayed out, I can honestly say I’ve never been this worn out in my whole life . 

I’m off to sleep now I really hope I sleep for a week ,I really do feel like someone has sucked every ounce of energy out of my body. It is this energy I need to continue to be positive and get through this incredibly difficult time 💕💕xx



5 thoughts on “Day 13 – unlucky for some but not me! 

  1. Hi Charley,
    I had to stop to send you this email to commend you on making the time to write your ‘Blog’ you are an amazing young lady & I am so happy that you have such a fantastic network of superb Girlfriends who are so supportive. I cried yesterday whilst I read what you have been going through & am so pleased that so many have been inspired by you to get themselves checked too. Your blog will be remembered forever too. Commending you again Charley for being so open & honest. Your recovery will take some time, that’s a Major Procedure you have gone through, please ‘rest’ much as you want to as your body need it.
    Would love to send you flowers too if allowed.
    Take special care.
    Warm love.


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