Day 12. Goodbye drains…… I hope! 

So last night I went to bed for the last time with drains, I hope.
The drains come out when the amount coming out tails off. As I have previously mentioned if they come out too soon you will only get the build up in your breast. Further discomfort would then involve having a needle up into the collection and having it sucked out. I really hope this doesn’t happen to me! I HATE needles, which is quite surprising seeing as I’m like a walking pin cushion. 

A log of the drain activity is very important, il be taking this to the surgeon today, he better be impressed with my organisation!! We have even transferred it from the tatty piece of paper to a nice one! 

Here is a picture of the drains before I emptied this morning, as you will notice they really do vary. I have a feeling this may relate to how active you are that day??? 

A knock at the door!!! 

My friend Alex turned up to see me with these lovely flowers and chocolates. If your wondering why he looks so smart he is a bespoke tailor!! 

It’s 12.00 and I’m at the hospital at 1.00 for my review with the surgeon! I hope this horrible tape comes off as well, it’s covered in bronzer !! 

The drains are out! I am free!!!!! 

My appointment with Mr Murphy was really good. Histology reports showed no pre cancerous cells. My boobs are healing well and the tape was taken off, I now have the stickiest boobs in the north west! Not only was the tape removed but the drains came out! 

I was dreading the drain removal due to a previous bad experience with an abdominal drain but it was no way near as bad as I thought. The nurse did it with such care and made me feel very comfortable. 

Mr murphy sat patiently while I fired him with all my questions I have thought of over the past 12 days, he really is fantastic. When can I drive? When can I shower? Do I need to wear a bra 24/7? I also asked him various questions that people have written to me about since this blog. Quite a few girls want to be tested because their mum died of breast/ovarian cancer but this is the only family member who has had cancer. It seems there must be some kind of protocol that a few family members in the family tree need to of had the cancer in order to get the test. 

This however doesn’t stop people for going for the test privately, it could save your life at the end of the day. I am quite convinced if the NHS thought you were in anyway at risk though they would test you. 

I will be seeing him in 2 weeks for further follow up as he has patched me up with a few dressings . I am allowed to have a shower and get things wet which is such a relief! 

We also confirmed which BRCA gene I have. I am BRCA1 not BRCA2. This gene has higher risks for breast and ovarian cancers than 2 but 2 also relates to other cancers. 

This is a photo of Mr Murphy and I. I have told him all about my blog and he is going to have a look at it later. 

This man is a surgical magician! He has a reputation for being a perfectionist and it clearly shows in his work. I have nothing but admiration for this guy and will be eternally grateful. He has made my journey so smooth with his fantastic laid back yet professional manner. I couldn’t have wished for a better surgeon and would recommend him to anybody in my position (now don’t you be getting big headed Mr Murphy haha) Mr Murphy is one of very few performing the surgery in this particular way. He is educating others about this technique and I really hope it becomes the norm for people in my position, it has been great. 

I was so happy when I left that I gave him a big hug with tears in my eyes!  This man has saved my life. 

Sat on the sofa

I am now sat on the sofa with a smile beaming from ear to ear. I have put mrs doubtfire on, one of my fave films I used to watch with my mum. 

I think I’m going to have a nap this afternoon before my sister comes over, I’m pooped!! X



2 thoughts on “Day 12. Goodbye drains…… I hope! 

  1. Hello there.
    Oh gosh you are very brave. I also have BRCA 1… I’ve lost nana, mum, and my aunt. It’s heartbreaking. I had my op Jan 20th this year. And I’ve just had lipo modelling 3 weeks ago to mend a few indents above my right implant. My daughter is 33 and recently found out she also had the gene. I feel so guilty… She has just undergone a hysterectomy a few weeks ago and then the double mastectomy to flow next year…It would be great to message you direct. Xx


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