My name is Charley and I’m 26, I had a preventative double mastectomy on the 24th July 2015.  I have created this blog as I recover, like a diary. I hope it comes in useful to many other women in a similar position.

This is my journey.


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey so far, you are very brave. My twin and I are just starting the process of finding out if we carry the BRCA2 gene after losing our mum to breast cancer when we were 11 years old. We are the same age as you so your blog has been really helpful and has given me an insight into things to come. thank you, take care xxx


  2. Hya Charley, just seen you on tv, what a brave young lady you are. My wife died form Bowel Cancer three years an a half ago and was, still is, very much missed. Giving yourself a chance the way you have I wish well for YOUR future. Alan


  3. Hiya lovey hope your doing ok your such a brave young lady i lost my best friend 6weeks ago to cancer and seeing your blog has made me smile and also cry your family and friends must be so proud of you wish you all the luck in the world keep strong wish you all the best for the future xxxxx


  4. hi charley, your story is definitely an inspiration to me. i am 28 brca1 positive and have been contemplating this surgery for the last 2 years. your courage is giving me the strength to want to undergo the surgery finally. thank you for sharing your story! you are my hero!


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